Let's do a pop quiz!

What best describes your marketing style for your business:

  a)   I'm an organization master. My engagement on all platforms, blogs and emails to my clients are amazing. I see 6-8 referrals a month, and have several price increases a year. I provide value in all communication to my clients.
  b)   I do my best for sure. I've taken some classes, post a few times a week and intermittently send emails to my clients. I don't have a solid strategy, but I put in the effort.
  c)   Honestly, it annoys me that I have to spend so much time marketing. I am tired after a long day in the salon and I didn't sign up to be taking a dozen pictures of each guest I see. Trying to stand out in the crowd is frustrating. I don’t have any energy to come up with new material to send out to my clients.

Want to know the reality?

*  Marketing doesn't have to be a time-consuming beast, friend.

*  Standing out in the crowd is still SUPER easy because so many stylists haven't taken the time to master the tools or system yet.

*  Once you learn the strategies, it just becomes second nature.

"I used to have a second job to supplement the income I needed since my hair business wasn’t as busy as I needed it to be. But now, I’ve quit that job because my hair business is doing so well! I’ve created 25% more income since joining the Academy and now feel inspired, confident and am loving the hair industry again!"


"After going through the program, I realized that I can make more income with the clients that are already in my chair (while providing more value to them)! I joined Glamhairus Academy at the beginning of February and I created more income in the first 3 months of this year than I did in the last 8 months of last year! I owe it all to what I learned inside of Glamhairus Academy."


But here is what I will say:

If you're a "reactive" marketer - meaning you don't kick it into high gear until you have a slow month or are forced to - this is the long-term effect:

  »  It forces you to use panic tactics like discount services, free haircuts, and special offers instead of filling your books with full paying guests.

  »  It creates a business model with ups and downs where some weeks are slammed and others are empty.

  »  It creates a seasonal business where some months you wake up and your books are empty, so you are tempted to post on Facebook “I have several openings this week! Contact me to set up an appointment now!

  »  This is the worst one yet. It forces you to live in scarcity. You can't save money because nothing is stable and it's all feast or famine.

None of that is scalable and forces us to hurt badly when things don't go as planned.

The only way out of the endless pattern of living paycheck-to-paycheck is to create a scalable business model that allows you to save for the future so you can thrive even if you aren’t able to earn an income actively for a few weeks or even months.

This is NOT the time to hit pause in your business. This is the *reset* button most of you have been waiting for.

If you wait for things to turn back around, you’ll have missed the opportunity because successful stylists will come out of this season swinging.


Get prepared and get into action NOW!

Confidently create your first strategic marketing plan that will get 90% of your clients to buy 90% of your services and products. In return, you won’t have to fill up your chair with more clients, you’ll learn how to fill up your chair with the right clients! Essentially you’re working smarter not harder, which equals more money in your pocket and less breaking your back while standing behind the chair.

If you’re a hairstylist or any type of service based business owner, looking to generate more income, then you probably already know that you need a strategic marketing plan. But you’re not really sure where to start or how to go about implementing one. You know that keeping “top of mind” with your clients when they’re not in your chair is important and makes sense, but you’re not sure how to go about implementing that strategy.

Before joining Glamhairus Academy I was feeling scattered, not sure where I wanted to go in my business and I was definitely thinking small. After going through the program I felt organized, I’m more financially confident, I’m recharged and I’m thinking big picture now!


Even though the reasons to create a marketing plan are a complete no brainer, the process involved in actually creating one are anything but


Start planning a strategy so I’m consistently booked year round? Great! Where do I begin?! Sounds exciting, right?

One more thing...

Have you ever thought about WHY you haven’t achieved the income you know you deserve as a stylist? Could it be:

» You aren’t charging enough money for your services. You just don’t have the guts to charge what you KNOW you should be charging.

Let’s face it, this is a mindset shift we all visit at one time or another in our business. You don’t have to be the best in your business. You just need to know your worth and charge for it! You’re talented, smart and definitely worth premium pricing.


» You aren’t keeping in touch with your clients when they’re not in your chair.

You didn’t know how important this was! That’s ok, we’ll start with it now. Keeping “top of mind” with your clients or potential clients when they’re not in your chair is a game changer. You have so much value to share with your clients on a regular basis, so share it!


» You’re having a hard time balancing marketing, scheduling clients, your personal life and are constantly feeling overwhelmed or behind. This is a hard one for almost every entrepreneur before learning how to simplify the entire process.

When it’s done right, you can create an experience that not only your clients are over the moon happy with, but you feel extremely proud of. With your permission, I’d love to show you how to start implementing.


"After going through Glamhairus Academy, I have much more confidence! I had imposter syndrome for the last 4 years where I struggled with, “Am I good enough?”  I haven’t noticed any of those feelings since going through the Academy.

The program is jammed-packed with loads of information and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth! It was way more than what I thought it was going to be. Gina inspired me in many ways but, specifically, how to grow my business by helping me have clarity with what I want.” 


Introducing Glamhairus Academy

Your complete A-Z package to attract high paying clients with a proven marketing strategy that’s not only easy, but it’s fun too

I’ve taken the strategies that I learned over the last 5 years from many many online courses, and channeled it into my own business and have had life changing results! Glamhairus Academy not only gives you new ideas, new strategies and new mindset approaches, but it also shows you how to execute and implement.

Glamhairus Academy isn’t so much a training program but it’s an implementation program.

Glamhairus Academy is the first program of its kind that is built with focused rapid implementation!

No fluff, no extra modules that you do not need.


My biggest win is my confidence and growth. I was so unsure of what I wanted, how to even achieve what I might want, and keeping myself small because of lack of motivation and feeling stuck. Because of this course, I am now confident I can achieve so much more. That’s a really big win for me!"


Here Are The 9 Modules You Will Receive:


This lesson is all about identifying where you’re currently at with your business.

What tasks or services need to be completed to run your business?

How much time does each task take? I’ll show you a simple trick that every stylist needs to know to increase their income with a technique called time blocking!


We’ll do some comparing. Compare all of your totals from the current year to the previous year. Then I’ll teach you how to reverse engineer your year end goal to present time and start implementing!


You need to identify your ICA. Ideal customer avatar.

You need to know who you’re talking to in order to market and sell what you’re trying to sell.

That’s called your ICA.

We'll go over this in great detail in this module.


In this module I’m going to teach why permission based emails are the BEST marketing strategy you can use.

I'll teach you when to send them out, how to set them up, what valuable content to put in them.


Think of your website as your on-line store front.

What do you want someone who’s new to your business to see, think or feel?

How does your website speak to your ICA?


In this module, I’ll show you my 6 step process to a happy bride every single time!

I’ll give you our bridal contract that we use for our bridal parties which states clear cancellation policies and in return has only resulted in 1 cancellation over the last 10 years in my business.

Let’s face it, wedding parties can be a big money maker and we have to make sure it’s enjoyable for our bride and profitable for our business.


If you’re not thinking about building a team, you’re not thinking big enough.

Even if you only have an accountant or a virtual assistant or a social media marketer that’s helping you out with your business and you’re paying them, then you have a team!

In this module we’ll talk about who you need to hire, how much extra income it would take to pay them and what your future looks like to expand your team down the road.


As business owners we have A LOT to juggle and stay on top of!

In this module I teach the easiest way that works for me to streamline my business and will most definitely be a time saver for you too!


This is a juicy and very important module because if you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

When the going gets tough, you’re going to need to tweak or adjust your mindset. You’re doing BIG things in your business with all that you’re learning, so you’re probably going to feel lost, insecure, unsure and overwhelmed at times. So you’ll need to revisit your mindset and shift it regularly to achieve all of your goals.

Gina makes everything so simple and easy to implement! She took me outside of my comfort zone. 

My revenue on hair services and accessory sales doubled!

I used to feel stuck and I didn’t have a clear vision of where I wanted my business to go. Now I feel more confident, and professional, and I have the clarity I was looking for! 

I thought Glamhairus Academy was wonderful! I really liked that everyone was so engaged inside the group and it was such a positive atmosphere. 


Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Glamhairus Academy (valued at $1999)

3 Bonuses (valued at $1058) Include:

•   90 Minute Success With Social Media Workshop

•   4 Mini training courses

•   4 weeks of group coaching with Me in a Private Facebook Group

When you add that all up, that’s a total real world value of $3057!

But because I’m super excited to welcome you to Glamhairus Academy, I’m giving you the opportunity to enrol TODAY at the special introductory price of just.... $299!


"After 43 years in the industry, I have heard and seen a lot, so not too much is uncharted territories but joining the Academy has pushed me to be accountable! Gina is a positive reinforcement for her students and reminds you that anything is possible with effort and work, along with making and taking time for yourself along the way."


Still Undecided?

You’re ready to create brag worthy wins and would be a perfect fit for Glamhairus Academy if you:

«  Are ready to scale, grow and market to a perfect target-market clientele 

«  Want to work less while earning more

«  Wish there was a roadmap you could follow that would create a steady stream of clientele month after month

«  You’re just starting out as a business owner and you want to do it right

«  You’re already investing hours of your time every week to run your business but are making just enough money to survive

«  You want to come out of this world epidemic on top with excitement and momentum and a marketing strategy in place

«  You’re willing to spend a few hours a week creating content to post on social media and in your consistent emails to your clients

«  You’re taking all the before and after pictures of your clients but you’re just not seeing the engagement on social media

«  You’d like to learn how to work three days a week, no weekends or evenings, make six figures and love your career

If you said YES to at least 6 of the above then I can’t wait to meet you inside Glamhairus Academy!


$299 USD


Before joining Glamhairus Academy I was feeling stuck, burned out, overwhelmed and discouraged. After going through the program, I feel confident, knowledgeable and excited about the next chapter in my business! I’m also much more efficient with my time. 

I have to say, I was skeptical at first. But the ideas and strategies inside the program taught me that the little things can be so impactful. Like hiring a team! I finally hired someone to deep clean my salon every month and what a difference that makes!


I was definitely looking for more clarity and direction before joining Glamhairus Academy. 

What I got out of the program was that, plus, more confidence to increase my prices. I now create 25% more income and have new strategies on how to run my business more effectively.  

I have a new mindset on moving forward and creating goals in my business. Gina taught me to start small and don’t make it complicated.

My advice to someone who is considering joining the program is if you’re looking for clarity or need a push to take the next step in your business, do it-it’s well worth the money! 


Gina is fun and will get you motivated to run your business right.

Before joining the Academy, I used to sell 1-2 products a month and now I sell 5-6 products a month! In the past I was scared to raise my prices, but now since I have, I’m making $800-$1000 more a month! 

I learned so much inside the Academy, I had felt stuck for years. I used to work until 11:00 pm to accommodate clients, not anymore! I leave work early now so I can spend more time with my kids. 

A big win for me is being able to set boundaries and stick to them.